Video of the Day Feed OF SPAIN. FRONTS OF LIBERTY. MADRID./fdc%3A%3Af236c257005a10772fc5de28e90498ef ESPANYA AL DIA [SPAIN TODAY], the Laya Films and Film Popular newsreel produced during the Spanish Civil War made up of the following reports: 1. MADRID. BOMBARDMENT OF UNIVERSITY CITY BY REPUBLICAN ARTILLERY Inside one of the University City of Madrid buildings. Militiamen run up the stairs and load and aim a cannon to fire at another building through a window. The cannon fires, the aim is corrected and the process is repeated. Shelling damage on the target. 2. GUADALAJARA. WITH THE LISTER BRIGADE The narrator points out that the Lister brigade has won a brilliant victory in Guadalajara. Images of Republican soldiers. Group of officials, among which Cipriano Mera and Hans Khale are seen observing the battlefield. Images from inside the mobile barber's truck for the Lister Brigade. 3. CASPE (ARAGON). CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW RAILROAD Images of militiamen working on the construction of a railway platform. Images of a newly built junction outside a station. 4. BARCELONA. WORKING FOR VICTORY Images of daily life continuing in Barcelona. Images of workers going to work in factories, wagons transporting supplies, the tram running, soldiers enjoying their leave in the city, a street photographer, a hat seller, children feeding animals at the zoo (pigeons and a deer) and other children playing on the swings in a playground. Other shots show bomb blast protection fashioned out of paper stuck onto windows. 5. VALENCIA. MARTINEZ DE ARAGÓN Images of the commander of the Popular Army, Jesús Martínez de Aragón, in the University City of Madrid (images from Spanish Earth). He walks the trenches, chats with a soldier and samples the food. The narrator points out that this military leader died heroically in the defence of Madrid. 6. VALENCIA. BURIAL OF CAPTAIN LE BOUCHER Report on the funeral of University of Valencia professor, Leon le Boucher, who died while fulfilling his duties as a captain of the Popular Army in Pozoblanco. A great demonstration of mourning led by minister without portfolio, José Giral Pereira, and painter and professor, Josep Renau, with representatives of youth political organisations also in attendance, including the Unified Socialist Youth (JSU). The funeral carriage carrying the coffin and all the wreaths are white. 7. VALENCIA. CHILDREN EVACUATED FROM MADRID Children evacuated from Madrid being housed in various Valencian institutions. Images of children arriving at the centres where they are able to continue their education. Images of classrooms with children studying and doing exercises, and of the beach showing the children playing in the sand. 8. BARCELONA. SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Young students at a girls' school practising rhythmic and Swedish gymnastics in an outdoor courtyard. da NEWS OF SPAIN. FRONTS OF LIBERTY. MADRID. OF SPAIN. FRONTS OF LIBERTY. MADRID./fdc%3A%3Af236c257005a10772fc5de28e90498ef Genre: Newsreel
År: 1937
Udbyder: Filmoteca de Catalunya
Produktionsselskab: Film Popular
Rettigheder: In Copyright /
Nøgleord: bombardejos; combats; barberies ambulants; construcció de vies fèrries; vida quotidiana; homenatges; trinxeres; enterraments; honors militars; evacuacions; educació; educació física; exercicis gimnàstics; Mera García, Cipriano; Khale, Hans / Ciutat universitària (Madrid província); Guadalajara; Casp; Barcelona (ciutat); Ciutadella, parc de la (Barcelona); Lluís Companys, passeig (Barcelona ciutat); Catalunya, plaça de (Barcelona); València (ciutat); Platja de València / Spanish Civil War documentary; Laya Films. Original newsreels; Propaganda film; artillery; bombing attacks; battles; mobile barbers; construction of railways; everyday life; tributes; trenches; funerals; military honours; evacuations; education; physical ]]>
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