Video of the Day Feed l'alluvione/ccb%3A%3Aa7939188699a097be42a489e01340f19 A documentary on the downpour that struck Rome on 1 September 1965: two large Roman working class suburbs, Prima Porta and Labaro, are swamped with the overflow from the ditches. Water reaches the second floor of the houses. The water finally retreats and the people return to their houses only to find that they have lost everything or almost everything. Every once and a while the ditches full of water return something: a mattress, the remains of furniture, but almost everything is destroyed. The result of the flood is 13 dead, 4000 without homes and about 300 devastated families, and hazardous, unlivable houses. fi Dopo l'alluvione l'alluvione/ccb%3A%3Aa7939188699a097be42a489e01340f19 Maa:
Vuosi: 1965
Kesto: 00:13:00
Sisältölähde: Cineteca di Bologna
Tuotantoyhtiö: Corona Cinematografica
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