Video of the Day Feed 358/kava%3A%3A29a8952f54a4c9bbcd7f5a05e2734a5e Donald Farrell’s journey to space, testing before the flight (foreign material). Massive fire in New York (foreign material). Upper secondary school students celebrating their final day of school prior to the start of the matriculation exams. Helsinki ski-jumping competition in Herttoniemi. Blizzards in the United States (foreign material). Figure skating show in Helsinki. fr Finlandia-katsaus 358 358/kava%3A%3A29a8952f54a4c9bbcd7f5a05e2734a5e Genre: lyhyt katsaus / Newsreel
Année: 1958
Durée: 08:00:00
Fournisseur: Kansallinen Audiovisuaalinen Arkisto
Société de production: Suomi-Filmi Oy
Mots-clés: abiturientit / Helsinki / Herttoniemi / mäkihyppy / luistelu / Yhdysvallat / candidates for the matriculation examination / Helsinki / Herttoniemi / ski jump / skating / United States ]]>
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