Video of the Day Feed 505/kava%3A%3A22f17a979ef060b6662ebe66a3667d24 Oath by President Kennedy and other ceremonies. Finnish Parliament Building 30 years. Closing service of the 1960 parliamentary session in the Lutheran Cathedral. The Canadian ambassador presents his credentials to the President of the Republic. Buyers all the way from Los Angeles at the fur market. Basketball at the Tennis Palace in Helsinki: ToPo from Helsinki v. Sparta Sokolov from Czechoslovakia. it Finlandia-katsaus 505 505/kava%3A%3A22f17a979ef060b6662ebe66a3667d24 Genere: lyhyt katsaus / Newsreel
Anno: 1961
Durata: 08:00:00
Fonte esterna: Kansallinen Audiovisuaalinen Arkisto
Casa di produzione: Suomi-Filmi Oy
Parole chiave: Helsinki / Eduskuntatalo / presidentit / Kekkonen, Urho / koripallo / Helsinki / Parliament House / presidents / Kekkonen, Urho Kaleva / basketball ]]>
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