Video of the Day Feed a Livorno/ccb%3A%3A67a3ee900ed80ec5bd073e0fac9c8e01 Livorno was just a lively center of Macchiaioli art as Florence. Many artists painted in Livorno including Cristiano Banti, Giovanni Boldini and, on the most painted waterfront in Italy, Vincenzo Cabianca and Giuseppe Abbati. Even Amedeo Modigliani, prior to his stay in Paris, was part of this artistic movement. The most famous of the group was Giovanni Fattori: he worked in Castiglioncello, Ardenza and Tombolo inspired by the coasts, pines, work and the simple people. Responsive to the Risorgimento movement, he immortalized it in his famous battles. nb Macchiaioli a Livorno a Livorno/ccb%3A%3A67a3ee900ed80ec5bd073e0fac9c8e01 Land:
År: 1964
Lengde: 00:10:00
Leverandør: Cineteca di Bologna
Produksjonsselskap: Corona Cinematografica
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Nøkkelord: EFG1914 / World War I ]]>
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