Video of the Day Feed D'EUZKADI, EL. HOSTE D'HONOR DE/fdc%3A%3A189b4f57020860abb98c0a378ca7c3a2 Laya Films documentary produced during the Spanish Civil War on the official visit of the President of the Basque Government, José Antonio Aguirre, to Catalonia in July 1937. His plane lands at Reus airport, where he is welcomed by government ministers, Carles Pi i Sunyer and Antoni Mª Sbert, with soldiers also shown in formation and on parade. They get into the waiting cars and head for Barcelona, led by a motorcycle escort. Shots of the convoy en route. They pass through Arc de Berà and stop in Tarragona, Arboç, Vilafranca del Penedès, Vallirana, Cervelló and Molins. On arrival in Barcelona, the Lehendakari is officially welcomed by Hilari Salvadó, the Mayor of Barcelona. In Plaça Sant Jaume, he is also honoured with a display of the Catalan Police Force presenting arms and is received by Lluís Companys, president of the Government of Catalonia. nb PRESIDENT D'EUZKADI, EL. HOSTE D'HONOR DE D'EUZKADI, EL. HOSTE D'HONOR DE/fdc%3A%3A189b4f57020860abb98c0a378ca7c3a2 Land:
År: 1937
Leverandør: Filmoteca de Catalunya
Produksjonsselskap: Laya Films
Rettigheter: In Copyright /
Nøkkelord: recepcions oficials; comitives; polítics; Aguirre Lecube, José Antonio de; Companys Jover, Lluís; Sbert Massanet, Antoni Maria; Pi Sunyer, Carles; Salvadó Castell, Hilari; Guerra Civil Espanyola : 17/07/1936; 22/07/1937; Laya Films. Documentals monogràfic / Euskadi; Reus, aeroport de; Tarragona (ciutat); Reus, ajuntament de; Arc de Berà; Arboç, l'; Vilafranca del Penedès; Vallirana; Cervelló; Molins de Rei; Barcelona (ciutat); Sant Jaume, plaça de (Barcelona); Generalitat de Catalunya / Spanish Civil War documentary; political documentary; Laya Films. Monographic documentary; Propaganda film; official visits; official receptions; parades; politicians; Spanish Civil War; ]]>
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