Video of the Day Feed Woche 1915. No. 4/ofm%3A%3A7397232bf922a3cf0e36f93cd1833c3e 1. Berlin: Her Majesty the Empress makes an appearance at the inspection of the hospital train "Auguste Victoria". Special footage from our correspondent.<br> 2. Vienna: Archduke Salvator leaving the church following the King of Bavaria's 70th birthday celebrations. Special footage from our correspondent.<br> 3. Naples: The Hamburg merchant steamers "Marsola" and "Alemania" and their crews lie stranded in the Port of Naples. Special footage from our correspondent.<br> 4. War reports from the West.<br> 5. French trenches that have been stormed by the Germans. Photographed by Martin Kopp (Munich).<br> 6. Pleasant hours on one of the resting days: Distribution of the field post. Photographed by Martin Kopp (Munich).<br> 7. Shell holes in a turnip field. Photographed by Martin Kopp (Munich).<br> 8. A French bomber pilot tries to destroy German shelters but is held off by the voracious fire of the infantry. Photographed by Martin Kopp (Munich).<br> 9. Sea battalion officers in the pretty seaside resort of Westende-Bains, which is now being attacked daily by the French and resembles already a heap of rubble. Special footage from our correspondent.<br> 10. A binocular periscope on the dunes. Special footage from our correspondent.<br> 11. In the shelters of one of the sea battalions on the Ypres canal. Using sand from the dunes, our troops have constructed huge shelters. As a result, not even the strongest hostile artillery fire concerns them. pt-pt Messter Woche 1915. No. 4 Woche 1915. No. 4/ofm%3A%3A7397232bf922a3cf0e36f93cd1833c3e Género: Newsreel
Ano: 1915
Duração: 00:06:03
Fornecedor: Österreichisches Filmmuseum
Companhia produtora: Messter Film Berlin
Direitos: Public Domain
Palavras-chave: EFG1914 / World War I / Queen Auguste Viktoria, Archduke Salvator / Berlin, Vienna, Naples, Westende-Bains (Belgium), Ypres (Belgium) / Inspection of hospital train "Auguste Victoria", 70th birthday of the King of Bavaria, German trade streamboats "Marsola" and "Alemania" are stranded in Naples, French trenches stormed by the Germans, French attacks on the seaside resort Westende-Bains / World War, 1914-1918 -- Austria / World War, 1914-1918 -- Belgium / Germany / Italy / Belgium -- History -- German occupation, 1914-1918 ]]>
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